C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

On November 6, 2010 New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was elected to chair the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) is a network of the world’s megacities taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With a unique set of assets, the C40 works with participating cities to address climate risks and impacts locally and globally.

The C40 was created in 2005 by former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, and forged a partnership in 2006 with the Cities program of President Clinton’s Climate Initiative (CCI) to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency in large cities across the world.

As chair of the C40, Mayor Bloomberg - with the support the C40 executive leadership team -- guides the work of the C40, along with the members of the C40 Steering Committee: Berlin, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, London, New York City, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Tokyo.

For more information please visit www.C40.org or their blog.


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Mayors from around the world will convene for the C40 Mayors Summit in Johannesburg beginning on February 4th.
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In cities large and small, municipal governments are generating new strategies to address local and national challenges.
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Mayor Bloomberg delivered remarks at the Opening Ceremony of the Rio+C40: Megacity Mayors Taking Action on Climate Change Summit.
Rio + C40: Megacity Mayors Taking Action on Climate Change
Jun. 19, 2012 C40 Cities
Mayors of the world's largest cities convened in Rio to demonstrate progress in greenhouse gas reductions and launch two new initiatives.
C40 Global Networks to Support Sustainable Policy and Economic Growth
Mar. 8, 2012 NYC.gov
Mayor Bloomberg joined Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other world leaders at the Economic Cooperation and Development Conference organized by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.
Cities are Forging Ahead on Climate Action
Feb. 14, 2012 C40Cities.com
As New York's Mayor and Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, I have the privilege of working with cities around the world to make urban sustainability a reality. In every corner of the globe, from Copenhagen to Sao Paulo to Hong Kong, city leaders are at the forefront of climate action.
New World Bank Partnership to Give Financial Support to C40 Cities
Jun. 1, 2011 NYC.gov
Today, we're taking a giant step toward solving those problems. And we're doing that in partnership with a global organization of unparalleled resources and expertise, one that brings passion and professionalism to bear on raising living standards throughout the developing nations of the Earth: The World Bank.
Mike Bloomberg Highlights Need for Cities to Address Climate Change
May. 31, 2011 NYC.gov
Over the next several days, we have very important tasks before us. The cities of the C40 Climate Group wield tremendous influence. We account for eight percent of the world’s population, and our people generate 21 percent of the gross domestic product of the nations of the Earth. We are global centers of commerce, communication, and culture. And on this rapidly urbanizing planet, what our cities do, individually and in unison, increasingly sets the agenda for people everywhere.
C40 Cities Mayors Summit Live Blog
May. 31, 2011 C40 Cities
From May 31st to June 2nd, Mike Bloomberg will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the C40 Mayors Summit – an event bringing together mayors from around the world who are leading the way on tackling climate change. Follow the C40 Cities Live Blog to get plugged in to the Summit.
NYC Announces RFP for Solar Energy Systems on City Buildings
May. 19, 2011 NYC.gov
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced today that the City is seeking proposals from private companies to install and operate solar energy systems on five city buildings, an important step towards accomplishing key clean energy supply initiatives in PlaNYC. Under this public-private partnership, a solar developer will install, own, and operate photovoltaic systems for 20 years, and leverage federal incentives to sell the electricity to the City at a discounted cost.
President Clinton, Mike Bloomberg Join Forces to Combat Climate Change
Apr. 13, 2011 C40Cities.org
President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced the expanded alliance between the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and the Cities Program of the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), a program of the William J. Clinton Foundation.
Mike Bloomberg and Senator Gillibrand Introduce Green Taxis Act
Mar. 28, 2011 NYC.gov
Mayor Bloomberg joined Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Jerrold Nadler to announce the introduction of the Green Taxis Act of 2011, which would modify Federal law to give local governments the authority to regulate fuel economy and emissions standards for taxi cabs.
NYT: Cities as Hubs of Energy and Climate Action
Nov. 6, 2010 NYTimes.com
Jay Carson , a former deputy Los Angeles mayor and aide to both Clintons, and  Rohit Aggarwala, the former chief sustainability advisor to New York City  Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg , are going to work for  C40 Cities , a  coalition of cities in rich and developing countries working to initiate and share ways to cut emissions of greenhouse gases and boost resilience to impacts of climate change.
Mayor Bloomberg Heads To China for Climate Conference
Nov. 4, 2010 CBS NY
CBS New York Reports on Mike's visit to China this week, where he will assume leadership of the C40 Climate Leadership Group, an association of major cities around the world committed to reducing carbon emissions and slowing climate change, at a meeting Friday in Hong Kong.
Mike Bloomberg Elected as Chair of C40 Climate Leadership Group
Sep. 21, 2010 NYC.gov
Mayor Bloomberg will succeed Mayor Miller as C40 Chair in November. The C40, launched in 2005, provides leadership to communities worldwide to help them accelerate the reductions of carbon emissions. The Chair, along with the eight-member Steering Committee of other C40 mayors, guides the work of C40 by planning and measuring the results of local initiatives that reduce emissions from energy, waste, water supply and transport and increase cities' resilience to climate change.
Thank you @CoryBooker! Great to have such a strong supporter of #CleanEnergy in Congress. https://t.co/NTZ5XhRWW8
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